I am still in the worst project ever. Gaby, our project leader, is complaining constantly about the incompetence of people, and especially that everybody is causing unnecessary work: The overall project leader, the customers, the various technical teams.

Now she told me to check the backup for two applications which I installed on already existing production machines. I told her that this is pointless, but I sent an email to our operations team anyway. Not that she could not check it herself… And besides: The machines are being backed up. Exactly according to the scheme that was promised for these two applications, because all applications on these servers have the same contract. Our ops team dutifully sent back the configuration of the backup.

Gaby chewed me out. “We have to check everything to make sure it is as we sold it,” she says.

“So what’s the point of this email? Our operations guys will just say everything OK even if it isn’t.”

“But then we have the good feeling that we did everything we could!”

Nevermind that the backups are checked daily by the operations team. And that the report of this check is in turn checked daily by Hans. Of course just because a Backup checks as “okay” doesn’t mean it actually is. And Hans probably doesn’t check the report anyway. But with all these checks in place, and things still getting screwed up by the operations team, what will you do about it? Asking the question just to cover your own ass is just… pointless.

And I really do loathe needless work. I mean, if there was any point to it, sure, but it’s just… idiotic. If the backup can not be restored in case of an error, we are the suckers anyway. We can’t really point fingers at our operations team in front of the customers anyway.

But she is just as fucked up as everybody here. She is a capable project leader, in a way. But she just lacks common sense like most people who work here. It must be an entrance requirement and the people who interviewed me somehow forgot to check me for it.