Well, I said I may dig a bit in the past. This should give you strange and/or amusing insights into the Life of Secretgeek, and it might help with the autotherapeutic purpose of this blog. It’ll also fit the black and white and girls and guys discussion, as you will eventually see.

Several years ago I met a girl at the airport’s subway station. Met – Ha! Not the right word, I think. She was with two guys. Really cute girl. Nice face, great shape, dark skin, everything. But, as I said, with two guys. Off-limits, especially when each of them could wipe the floor with me and I am shy by nature. I got distracted when a fat American woman asked for the correct route to some-and-such station. The subway arrived and I entered the car in front of me. Didn’t sit down; I was only going a few stations. Subway left the airport and I noticed that the cute black girl was sitting a couple of rows further up front. Now, there was not really anything else to see, so I think I may have stolen more than the occasional look.

She and I both left at the central station, and went in opposite directions. The two guys were no longer with her. She went to left, because she knew where she was going; I went to the right because I was new in town and had no clue. Found out soon enough and walked back. Took the escalator up one level, and then ended up right behind this girl and her suitcase. The escalator takes a while – the subway is deep underground. The girl turned around about half-way to the ground floor.

“I saw you in the train,” she said to me. “You were staring at me.”

I could feel the heat in my face as I blushed immediately. “Uh,” I stumbled sheepishly. “Sorry.” My voice sounded strange to me.

“Maybe I remind you of someone?” the girl inquired.

“Uhm,” I continued to stammer. “Not really,” I admitted.

“I just thought,” the girl replied calmly and somewhat expressionless, “that would be the reason why you were staring at me so much.”

“Eh, no,” I tried to explain. “It’s just that I’ve never seen such a beautiful woman on the subway.”

She smiled at me. By this time we had reached the top of the escalator, and moved out of the way of the people behind us.

“I am Nina,” she introduced herself.

“I am Secretgeek.” There was just a beat of a pause.

“This is the part where we exchange phone numbers,” the girl said and produced her mobile phone. We did that. “I have to go,” she added. “Make sure you call me.”

“I will,” I said. She smiled again, turned around and left towards one of the station’s exist, leaving behind a very confused Geek.

To be continued.