Well, we did it. We were a few hours late – it was 5pm, but hey, it was even still within normal people’s office hours. To make up for the lateness, we had a telephone conference around noon which we did quite nicely, and left a rather good impression with the customer in question – if my impression was correct.

Unfortunately no good deed goes unpunished and we already got the next deadline for the next urgent part of the project – Friday. This is also a much more complicated setup, so I am not nearly as optimistic as I was about the first time. Mark left today at 5, just after sending the email. I spent the rest of my day working on the project I thought was dead, where I had to untangle the mess that some people call routing. Imagine a half-dozen locations around the world, all badly documented, and all to be migrated. I think I got the parts that I need sorted out, and I sent the orders to our network teams to fix the routing in the way I want it. Hopefully, it will be done by the end of the week; and I will have until tomorrow morning to find a good way to tell our customers that they can not yet begin to migrate their applications. I am beginning to wonder whether Gaby is actually ill or simply fled the country.

In an ironic twist our boss (team leader) handed out printed Dilbert cartoons today. Something about project management. At his level, people still know what is really going on. The level above him seems to be the one who starts the serious politics. The level above that is detached from reality, and the final level – our CEO and CIO and CFO and UFO – probably rate as living in a dream world. It’s too bad I can’t find the Dilbert cartoon the boss printed out; it describes the situation perfectly. But then, that is the virtue of Dilbert – being an accurate documentary of corporate life.

Come to think of it, printing out Dilbert cartoons is in itself a Dilbertesque action.