After I was in the office with Mark until about 8:30 pm on Friday, he didn’t show up today. He sent an email in the early morning that he was activated due to his on-call duty from maybe 4am to 6am. Due to the work laws here in Germany this means he’s only allowed to start working at 5pm today. Great. Well, if we start early tomorrow we can still make the deadline. I think. Except that now people are starting to add meetings into the schedule. I can only do one of two things, be on a meeting, or work on the configuration. Not both.

As for Mark, I told him to use the afternoon/evening to finally do the documentation. Because so far, I have basically nothing. And xmas vacation is looming its ugly head. And nevermind that I am also involved in the worst project ever which is also eating up an easy 2h/day at the minimum (and that is only so low because the project leader fell ill).

I do know one thing: I will not, definitely not, shorten my christmas vacations by a single day because other people did not manage to get their damned projects straight. And if someone actually manages to talk me into it, I herewith ask Rover or Sand to come over and beat sense into me. I know I also said I wouldn’t stay late on a Friday evening, for the same reasons.