Our secretary, Alexandra, came into the room. She adressed Hans and me.

“Hans, Secretgeek… I think I haven’t gotten your vacation plans yet.”

“Oh,” I reply. “Vacations.”

“Yes,” she said. “Just make it a simple email, I don’t need the table filled out.”


“Just send an email,” she says, smiling charmingly.

“Alexandra,” Hans interjects. “I really don’t know right now.”

“Well you can always change it. I could pick something for you.”

“Well… two weeks in summer, Christmas, two weeks at random,” Hans instructs her.


Hans repeats the instructions. He then adds, “Oh just pick anything at random.”

“That’s what Gaby also said. Now she has the same vacations as I do. Then you can come with us. You, too, Secretgeek?”

“Sure, why not.”

Alexandra leaves the office.

Hans turns to me: “Secretgeek, you will amuse yourself with Alexandra and I with Gaby, and then in the second week we’ll switch.”

I laugh at him. “That sounds okay, but can I get that deal without you and Gaby involved?” I ponder for a second. “Actually, nevermind, that’s a small price.”

“Entirely correct, Secretgeek, entirely correct.” Hans leaves the office.

I still put together a quick list of vacations and sent to to Alexandra. “Because I doubt you’d really want me to come along with you.”

I just hope she did not hear Hans’ and my discussion. She’s really too nice for that.