As a continuation from the original post, I have now spent most of two days on the subject of teaching about migrations and apaches and stuff. Well, yesterday was made easier due to Paul’s involvement; he took care of part of the issue. This still leaves enough for me, and I must say that you gotta kick Mark every step of the way so he moves forward.

Basically he does have Unix and Linux knowhow, but he has no idea whatsoever about web services. Pretty strange, considering the one thing you usually do with Linux is LAMP. Be that as it may, the guy has basically nothing. And even the little bits that he did work on (like installation of the OS and so on) he didn’t even document.

For our second day, yesterday, we had an appointment for 10am to continue work. Mark hadn’t shown up in the office until then. Tom tried to call him on his mobile twice; the first time was busy, and then at 11:15 he reached Mark. Basically, Mark had overslept and said “will be there in 25 minutes”.

We took the opportunity to go for lunch at 11:30. When we got back, at about 12:00, we met Mark has he was headed out of the office building. “I will quickly go to the grill and get some food”. I would have expected him to just grab something and come back, but not so. He was gone for a while and finally at 12:45 I got a call from him, “I am ready now”.

Now, I can completely understand how someone might oversleep. It happens. But if I oversleep this means I am in the office at 10:00 the latest. And it shouldn’t happen when your co-workers are saving your ass and your project, and when you know that one of them only has until 13:30 to help you out. And don’t go for lunch for 30+ minutes if everything is this rushed. Pick the stuff up and eat while the other guy is explaining. Or just pick up a chocolate bar or whatever to keep you going until the other guy doesn’t have time anymore anyway.

I’m wondering already whether Mark will be on time today. I know that I will not stay late in the office on a Friday if he does not get his act together. At least he seems to be trying now. I never thought of myself as any kind of leadership person, but it seems even my rudimentary kicking-of-asses is enough to get him moving ahead.

At least it still looks like we will make next week’s Wednesday deadline for the project.