J of Age of BS wrote about using music to get rid of unwanted guests. Of course by the time you need such tricks they’re already inside. Driving them off may work, but it’s a less than perfect approach.

To me the problem never really presents itself. In the age of the mobile phone I expect everybody who wishes to drop by to call ahead. Friends, family, co-workers, and other contacts got used to that quickly; and besides it saves them the risk of me not being home. Yes, even I as a professed geek may not be home all the time.

If I do not expect anybody and the doorbell rings – I won’t open. Random people at the door are never worth my time. There’s really only three possibilities. Either the person is a salesman or other marketing moron; or it’s a religious nut (which in the end is just another form of salesman, as they always want to sell you their odd brand of religion), or last but not least it could be an ex-girlfriend.

The last case is really no fun. I think the most obnoxious I have ever seen was Shakina, a girl from Ghana whom I used to date for a few weeks some years ago. I quite liked her, and she was really pretty and a great singer (and a religious nut, too, which kinda proves my point I guess). However one day she disappeared and I didn’t hear from her for maybe four or five months. Then one Saturday morning at 8:00 am she rang my doorbell for like 20 minutes. Before I had just been angry at her; about five minutes into that stunt I was convinced she was crazy. Luckily, a neighbor finally chased her away.

In retrospective I should have told her off, though.