One of our customers wants to order a service from a third party provider. It doesn’t matter, what. They still want us as their single point of contact. So they expect us to order this service, and re-sell the service to them “maybe at an additional 10% fee for the handling”. The price of this service? 19 Euros per month.

For 1.90 Euros, we would get all the work (helpdesk, service management, whatever) and the contractual risks. Sure, the original service provider probably also has some sort of SLA, but I mean 1.90 barely covers me dialing the “08” of a toll free number of the phone. Nevermind that such low-price contracts always have conditions that amount to “well, we’ll promise not to turn it off on purpose”.

Fortunately – and, to be honest, unexpectedly – our sales people agreed to Gaby’s and my recommendation that it would be a waste of time even to honor the request with any kind of reply beyond a categorical “no”.