Damnit. Damnit all to hell.

I just got dragged into the worst-ever project I have seen in this company, and that should say a lot about this one. It’s a big migration project, where nobody really knows what systems there are in the first place. So tomorrow our project leader will take me to a meeting with the customers. I have already decided on the tack I’ll take with this, however.

  1. I’m not going to wear a suit or a tie. I am a technician and not a clown. You want ties, talk to a sales person.
  2. No-nonsense. I am there to investigate the systems and to find out the requirements and best way to migrate them. I am not there to play politics. You want politics, go back middle school.
  3. We’ll be concise and to-the-point. We have one hour for the meeting. If it takes longer, you better have a damned good reason.

It’s refreshing what a fatalist attitude can do for you. Impending doom clears your mind.

Fortunately, the project leader in question is Gaby. She has been known to yell (“raise her voice”) at customers who tried to play games. Nobody dares to object when Gaby gets annoyed.

And she is on my side. So I might even get away with it.