Gaby asked me about our crazy customer, and while I told the story our secretary Alexandra approached us. She was a bit shy, but then asked her question.

“If I looked at someone’s homepage, does he know it was me?”

Gaby and I tried to explain to her the nature of proxy- and httpd-accesslogs, of IP adresses, of dialup logs, of the data protection laws, and so on. It quickly became apparent that she could not really get a feel for what we were talking about.

“Well,” I said. “I think I should just show you what the logfiles actulook like.”

I then used one of my normal weblogs to demonstrate to her what the logfiles look like. I showed her what a standard access statistic might look like. And I demonstrated how you can track someone through a logfile and what a whois looks like. Took me the better part of a half-hour, at least, and she seemed to understand most of it. She was still a little worried when she learned how much access some administrators have to her data. So I told her about our data protection laws, and that while privacy on the net is an illusion, there were some sensible steps she could take to protect herself. I concluded with demonstrating how often my name can be found on Google (roughly 34000 times, and most of it is actually from me) and how often hers can be found (exactly 0 times). Her innocence on the matter was quite endearing.

Anyway, this was a very pleasant tutorial. Alexandra is easily one of the most pleasant people here. She’s very pretty, very charismatic, and all-around rather pleasant. She may not have the body for a swimsuit model, but she combines a pleasant personality and good looks. A winning combination.

I wish I had a photo of her, and that I could share that with you guys. But, alas, I don’t, and I can’t. But she’s married anyway.

I do have to say, however, that I would really be interested in seeing the website she would be embarassed about if the owner found out she was looking at it.