And here we are already with part three of our ongoing series “Ask Secregeek”. In this series of postings, I will answer the more interesting search queries that people find my weblog with – in the hope of improving your lives.

I am so proud of my altruistic nature.

Today’s question is very important, yet very simple at the same time:

“Why do Asian Girls like White Guys?”

It’s really simple. Really. I mean, just think. You can’t come up with the answer yourself? Okay, let me rephrase this.

Have you ever seen an Asian porn movie?

NOW do you get the idea?

Sigh. I guess not, considering you have to dig on obscure blogs for the answer. Okay, I’ll give you another hint: It’s pretty much the same reason why white chicks dig black guys.

I could’ve even made that rhyme. But I really don’t want to be flagged as “mature”, because I really am not.

If you still didn’t get it, I ain’t gonna help you. Go and download some Asian porn until you wise up.