Just woke up. It’s 3:45am. Fell asleep pretty early, I must have slept at least six or seven hours. Had the weirdest dream. In this dream, I was in Paris, re-united with my ex-girlfriend Mariah. Hanging out with us was her best friend, let’s call her Kya. It is hard to describe Kya objectively. But from my viewpoint, she and Mariah are quite different personalities in many ways. And where Mariah could at best be described as pretty when she smiled, Kya was a dark beauty. Not that Mariah was ugly, mind you, just … plain compared to certain others. So, naturally, in this dream, Kya made certain subtle advances towards me. We always ended up closer together than would be proper. I remember her smooth skin. Mariah would ignore this, but lecture me when we were alone. I, of course, admitted to nothing.

Later in the evening, I was alone in my hotel room, waiting for Mariah to return. She never did. No calls either. No text messages. It was 1999 all over again. I considered to call her and scold her, but I figured she would probably have switched off her phone or ignore it. Suddenly, a guy from the train company was in my hotel room. He was just sending off a train; the train track were below my window.

“Excuse me,” I told him. “I know you’re just doing your job, but I am about to make a private phone call.”

“I am already gone,” he said, and locked the window from the outside.

My phone rang. My mother. “Secretgeek, we got a digital picture frame from an insurance company. I never heard of this company, what should I do?”

“That’s spam,” I told her. “They’re trying to trick you into accepting a contract you never asked for.”

“Oh, you are right. Let me see.” She read me a whole long list of unacceptable conditions. “Well I would like this picture frame though!”

“Well, buy one from a normal shop then! Would be much cheaper than this contract that you don’t need.”

“I guess you are right. When are you and your new girlfriend visiting us again?”

“I don’t think I will ever see Mariah again.”

“No, no, not that silly girl. The other one, Kya, who always keeps asking about you.”

The phone call ended. I decided I would do unto Mariah as she would do unto me. I took my luggage and left the hotel. At the airport I got a text message. From Kya. “I never forgave you for running away from me. Don’t do that again.”

“I’ll call you when I get back home,” I replied. I suspected a trick from Mariah. And I realized just how much I hated Mariah. Hooking up with her best friend, no matter how stunningly beautiful, would probably not be worth the price of being in proximity of Mariah again.

I woke up before the departure of the plane.

Well, Mariah and I hooked up many, many years ago and we’ve always had a troubled relationship. It was that kind of relationship in which you really hit it off, then the talking and the sex is really good, but you start to piss each other off in big ways as soon as you are together for any long period of time. It was all very, very much a soap opera back then. Maybe some day I’ll tell the full story. Anyway, we hooked back up about two years ago, and pretty much the same thing happened. I don’t really hate Mariah, but yes, at the same time I would not want to get involved in her circle of friends.