I haven’t complained about our outsourced operations team in a long time. That isn’t so much because there are no problems; rather I think it is because we are getting numb to the normal level of problems.

But there are still shockers waiting for us.

We just had a call from a customer, who reported several issues he had with out hungarian co-workers. There have been a number of outages of his server. When he called the operations guy, the person who answered the phone told him:

“Sorry, I can’t help you, I don’t know what processes to start.”

I am quite speechless. Even if that is the case – it shouldn’t, the project has very thorough documentation – how can he tell that to the customer? He should of course say “we’ll check into it and call you back immediately” and then read the documentation. Or ask a co-worker. Or, if all else fails, ask us!

But, what am I getting worked up. No doubt this will all improve once we start to outsource to India next year.