Hans is – again – making a coffee. While Sven is talking to a customer on his mobile phone. Sven leaves the office.

Me: “Maybe we should put this coffee machine outside the office afterall.”

Hans: “One would assume Sven is old enough to complain himself if it disturbs him.” He picks up his coffe and heads towards the door.

Me: “Yes and one would assume that you are…”

Hans has left the office.

Me: “…old enough not to make coffee while people are talking to customers.”


Me: “I guess not.”

Earlier, Petra was here. She looked at Hans desk: “Is that Hans new computer?”

Me: “Not quite, it is a temporary replacement he set up while his notebook is broken.”

Petra: “Well, maybe that will make his email reading habits more consistent. He reads immediately when there’s cake available, but work he never replies to.”

Me: “Oh, it made his email habits more consistent already, as this took him one week to set up he had no chance to read email at all.”

I know, I shouldn’t talk like that behind a guy’s back. But some day, I swear, I will take that guy down. He is an arrogant bastard that deserves to be kicked in the nuts.


By a horse.