3:30 am. I just completed writing up study notes, sent them off, and is now bored. I really wish I could sleep at normal hours. I am afraid, however, that I may never know that pleasure.

I never had good discipline of going to bed early. I remember my early childhood when I would stay up late over some Basic code, or with some game that I just couldn’t put down. I remember my studies, when I would get to bed past midnight and have to get up at 5am the latest every week-day. Then I would stay up all night to Saturday and sleep most of the Sunday. I remember my first job, where office hours started at 10am – which meant that I had about 4 hours after waking up in which to do my personal stuff.

And now I am just hopelessly messed up. Some days are fine, but others, like this night, I sleep for about 3h after I get home from work. Then I can’t sleep at all, and get really tired by about 2pm. It really sucks.

There’s one advantage though; On my recent trip to East Asia I had no jetlag whatsoever. I was already attuned to local time.