Didn’t show up today.

And unlike the past two times, I did not get an email either, where she asks for the course material. Am I being ignored now?

I sent her a little email though. It begins a little like so:

Dear Sako,

I missed you today, I hope that you are busy and everything’s alright.

In German, that “missed you today” has a definitive double meaning – missed as in “wish you were here” and at the same time “I was surprised you were not there”.

Am I improving here?

I went on a bit about what we did, and told her I’d send her the material and vocabulary once I had the chance to type it up – tomorrow.

I’ll send her another PDF. The sheets we used for today’s class I’ll have to scan, however – there’s four of them, and I will not be able to type that much in time for Sako to find a use in it.

Anyway, besides that, we have a new teacher. Black dude from Africa. Much nicer and a better teacher than the old crone we had before. Wish we had had him from the beginning, and this course would have been a lot more fun – and a lot more productive as well.