Another night and I can’t sleep. It is 3:40am as I write this. I did nap on the couch a little after I got home from work, but that’s due to the fact that I didn’t sleep more than three hours the night before. I know that my sleep patterns have been fucked up ever since my studies (when I would sleep a maximum of about four hours per week day out of necessity), but this is pushing it a little. I will get sleepy about the time I should be slowly waking up to get ready for work. And when I do manage to sleep I get these weird recurring dreams.

One of these dreams is about nuclear war, and I’ve had this and similar dreams for a few years. Basically the pattern is always the same, though the details vary. In the dream, I am stuck in some city I do not recognize on the day that the nuclear powers decide to slug it out. Turns out, a simple nuclear explosion doesn’t quite kill fast enough in your dreams. You either get the slow death by radiation poisoning or you get to experience being vaporized at extremely slow motion. Neither is an experience I’d recommend.

I haven’t had this dream for several months now. Instead, I keep dreaming about this strange 19th century world in which I get to explore a newly discovered continent. It’s a vast valley, thousands of kilometers across, inhabited by dinosaurs. The other explorers and I use airships to travel everywhere we need to go. Our HQ is a huge, tower-like structure with an airship “port” at the top. One of the other members of the group I remember is a black chick named Zuri. The entire exploration thing would be quite enjoyable, except that I know that under that ocean of green foliage dark monsters and tentacled demons lurk in the ruins of lost cities and ruined temples. These ancient horrors are quite hostile to mankind, and their favorite past-time is to rip people apart and devour them. And that is hardly better than being vaporized at a million degrees.

Oh, well. I’ll try to catch some more sleep.

(Ten geek points to whoever knows where the post’s headline comes from – if you can do it without Google.)