Sako arrived early, as most weeks. She was all in black today. That looked pretty good. She showed me some BBC documentary she had purchased. Some small-talk about documentaries. I offered to bring her some of mine – I have quite a collection of them.

The two of us turned out to be the only students today. Pretty tough class. And I got no winks whatsoever. Couple of really cutemoments though, for example one time she answered a sentence in Japanese.

The teacher did ask about Sako’s boyfriend. “Oh,” she replied. “He’s been gone for [half a year], that asshole.”

After class, Sako and I took the elevator downstairs. “I really want KFC today, I’ll pick some up,” she said. “You haven’t gone back there ever since the incident?”

Some months ago I had some issues with the food I had picked up there. Quite disgusting, nuff said.

“Nope,” I told her.

The downtown KFC is the same way as the subway station. We parted ways where she had to go right and I had to go left.