As I said before, people get here with pretty strange search queries. And since I like to help all of you guys with your little worries and problems, I decided that the time is ripe for a new series of postings, in which I shall take those search queries and post the appropriate answers. In a way I already started this series two weeks ago when I explained how to kill oneself (or rather, that it’s a stupid idea to do so).

Today’s question: “Do I call my ex-girlfriend on her birthday?”

I think the answer is pretty easy, but it depends on one basic thing. Do you still like the chick? Or, rather, do you think she’s not an evil, evil person?

If she cheated on you or did some similar tricks, forget it. But in most regular breakups, you can be a nice dude and call her. Say “Hey, just wanted to wish you a happy birthday and see how you’re doing.” It does not mean that you have to get back together.

Though, you should also think about whether she sees it the same as you. If she absolutely hates your guts, she may just hang up anyway (Hello Susy, if you ever read this). And if she still has hopes even though you dislike her, she may take it as a wrong signal. Nothing is crueler than to give someone false hopes.

So there you go. I say call her. Tell her Hi and Happy birthday. Be a nice guy. Unless her name’s Susy she’ll appreciate it anyway.