The day started promising, with my “favorite” co-worker Hans not showing up until about 10:00. He did have a meeting from 9:30 in another location. Sven – who didn’t want to pick up breakfast when I went – and he are now (at about 10:30) contemplating driving to this Schnitzel place. 30 min from here. Good. That would mean 1.5-2h peace and quiet for me. Because I really hate Schnitzels, and especially this place where you get REALLY huge Schnitzels which even I can’t eat. What a waste.

Hans is also showing off his new digital camera. The same brand as his new PDA. Both of which he presumably got cheap because his new girlfriend works for this brand. Hey, whatever. If he’d put as much energy into useful things then I wouldn’t have had to set up a user account on our terminal server and the cvs for Roger, our new Intern. Hans obviously “didn’t get around to it” yesterday. I distinctly remember he sat in front of his notebook with Roger. Well, I am not surprised that useradd and htpasswd are too arcane for him. And a busy person such as him can’t be expected to have so much time left either.

Meanwhile I found out that one of our new customers still hasn’t been added to our ticketing system. It’s only been four months since we asked for that.

I think I mentioned it before, but I am getting tired of IT.