Alright I really gotta decide on a name for her. Let’s call her Sako. (Whatever.)

So anyway, the “soap opera” continues. I just got an email from this lady:

Hello Secretgeek,

I hope you’ll check your email. Are you going to class today?
I won’t make it because I won’t be done in time. Can you please tell the teacher I’m not coming? I’d also appreciate if you could let me know what you did in class today.


Well so much for that, no Sako today. Well, of course I’ll go there (as I said I can’t really miss the class). So I send a quick reply:

Hello Sako,

Of course I will. But it’ll be rather stressful and not nearly as much fun without you.

Best wishes,

And I get another reply:

Thanks, thanks, Secretgeek. That is very kind of you. A n d I wish you a lot of fun anyway. Especially the “verbs” (Oh god!!!).


I guess this does commit me to go to class today. Now I’ll wait and see what weird things Rover and Sand interpret into that. I can hear the criticism already.