I really thought I had already covered this, but I seem to have overlooked it. A few weeks ago we got an email from the HR department. It went a little something a-like this:

Did you ever want to travel the world? Write a novel? Re-orient yourself professionally? We would like to remind you that you can take up to three years of unpaid vacations – if the operational requirements of the company allow for this.

How heavy-handed and stupid. They couldn’t tell us any clearer that they wish to get rid of us. And that they don’t really care about who goes, either. Because the only people who will leave are the ones with high market value. The ones who are actually productive.

If you want to cut down on personnel, you gotta identify which people are actually just costing you money. Then bribe them to leave. That’s what severance payments are all about.

But emails like that, sent to everybody, are really not good for morale. Before, nobody wanted to agree with me that the company is being killed off. Now I can’t find anybody who would take me up on my bet that the company will be sold within a year’s time.