“Hello! Would you like to hear details about this AMAZING opportunity in Cork, Ireland?”

Well, let’s see.

My monster.com profile says I am looking for a job abroad. It also states that I am not only willing to move pretty much anywhere (there are of course exceptions) or that I would be willing to travel “up to 100%”. It also states what type of job I am looking for, my experiences, and so on.

Now, why would I post this if I wasn’t interesting in hearing about vacancies that fit my profile?

But why don’t just at least send me a few words what this job is about? Just because it’s in Cork, Ireland, doesn’t mean this is a suitable job for me. Indeed, looking on your homepage and checking out the only position in Cork, Ireland you are trying to find someone for shows me that it requires specialized knowledge that I do not state in my profile as posessing. I’m pretty sure this is the position. It was posted the day you sent me the email, and it’s handled by the same person that sent me the email.

It’s this sort of headhunter which gives me a headache.

Where to even begin.

First off, I don’t send emails to people saying, “Hey, would you like to hire an AMAZING guy?” do I? I introduce myself, I state what I want, and so on. I do keep it short, I don’t like wasting people’s time. And I know the Monster resumee is anonymous, so it’s only half a social situation.

But why couldn’t you write; “Hello; I am $XYZ working for $ABC. I am looking for a candidate for a position in $LOCATION. It’s a $DURATION job for a $SKILLSET specialist, and I think it matches your profile. You can find details at $URL. If this position interests you, let me know.”

I know, I know. I am asking too much. Some people will say, well, it is YOU who wants THEIR money. Well, at the same time, it’s THEY who whish MY skills. And the headhunters actually earn money for finding a new employee. They, too, should work a little for that money.

Well, let’s see what else is out there.