The past two days have been hell here in the office. I am getting constant calls (and I do mean constant, as in I hang up and the next one calls), mostly by incompetent idiots.

“I just sent you an email, can you please take a look?”

“We just talked 10 min ago, I wanted to see, is there an update?”

Bla bla bla. A lot of stuff like that. Also more complicated requests of course. In between I am having an email conversation with someone who has a problem and expects me to fix it but doesn’t give me server, ip, username, or even error message and with a supplier who isn’t able to read what I write and asks for exactly the information I sent two emails ago.

Next someone from Munich calls. There had been an incident ticket, that is making a bit of a turn. I finally find the ticket. It’s a question regarding the configuration of a server cluster. He insists the ticket be taken care of. Or else? “We will have to talk about this, I can organize a telephone conference right now.” I tell the guy that the configuration he’s inquiring about was done and is maintained for by HIS department and anyway that it’s an “incident ticket” and not a “contact form”. Finally we agree that I’ll let our operating have another pass at it. Simply because I am close to blowing a fuse and I really do not wish to have my first heart attack today.

I even managed to stop our Ops team from sending back the ticket without any useful information. I think.

At least we got another customer’s application debugged now. Problem? Another team and our ops guys didn’t manage to talk to each other in 2 weeks and thus didn’t find a trivial issue.

On top of it all my co-worker Hans was making smart remarks until I -literally- told him to STFU. Now, at about 2:30pm, things have calmed down a little. I’ll only have another five hours – because we have a patch day. And I then get to continue with the patches tomorrow morning at 7:00 am.

As I write this, Hans just announced that he’d leavee. “I am going to the other office complex, then I’ll head home.” He got here at about 10:00am.

Well – Good riddance.

I’m trying to keep an optimisitc stance. I am now alone in my office. And I think I will now take my lunch break and work a little on a private software code. Until the next call.