I’m rather interested in a specific notebook. It’s only available in East Asia, specifically, in Japan. The product website, consequentally, is written in Japanese. I did figure out the price, and some of the specs as well. But I simply can’t read Japanese, much less actually understand it.

Wait a minute, I thought. I know a Japanese woman. So I recruited her help today.

She was also quite eager to help. She told me to just send her the link and she’d take a look. That was before our class.

And after the class this little dialogue happened.

Japenese woman: “…and you’ll send me the link, yes?”

Secretgeek: “Of course. Thank you so much for helping. I simply can’t understand your language.”

Japanese woman: “Or we could take a look at it together if you’d like?”

Secretgeek: “Oh, that’s quite alright, I’ll just send it to you first and then we’ll se..”


Hold it right there, Mr. Geek.

The correct answer would have been: “That would be great! Feel like sitting down at the nearest Starbucks?” – And if then it turns out she’s busy that evening, make it a date a few days later.

So what the HELL were you thinking?!

I thought: “Well we have no Internet connection right here and I really don’t want to be such a bother.”

Of course I realized much later that it probably came across very differently. It’s probably fixable, but hey, that other line would have been so much better.

Being a geek can so suck at times.