Hm. Let’s see.

  • In March, the corporation announced a cost-saving program
  • Some months ago the CEO announced a new strategy of reoganizations and saving money long-term
  • A few weeks ago, the CEO left the company
  • Last week all managers got limited in the maximum amount of money they might sign for
  • We’re doing a project for our mother corporation with a 7 mio “below cost” discount

Do I smell the sale of our company? Everything looks like it. The signs say “we’re spending as little money as possible; buy me!” and the CEO left the sinking ship before the shit hits the fan. Now we’re giving such a large discount to our mother corporation – presumably because, by the time this discount comes into effect, our mother will no longer be our mother corporation.

I wouldn’t be surprised if by the same time next year, we’re all employees of the competition.

And that is the time when I, too, will be leaving.