Sometimes I really hate my co-workers.

Co-worker Sven got a call from a customer around noon. Something needs to be done. Since he had a video conference meeting, he told the customers to cc: it to me. I was meanwhile on the phone with another customer, who had a serious database outage. I heard that he was planning for me to do some task, and told him: “No, sorry, I will not accept any tasks, I will be busy with this incident until further notice.”

Now the jackass (sorry) writes an email, forwarding exactly that email the customer sent. “Can you please do this,” Sven writes. “I’m in a video conference.”

Well, sure. It’s just changing a few lines of configuration and then restart a tomcat.

But first, listen to what I am saying, you dolt. And second, if you can write emails in your oh so important meeting, you could just as well have done this configuration change yourself.


Some day, I will figure out how to pay these people back. And I am sorry but this kind of thing really makes me angry. If everybody is busy with something more importan – reschedule! But of course this way he is rid of an annoying little task, while keeping his visibility up.