Co-worker Sven has been sent on a business trip to Berlin tomorrow. He can not do a patchday scheduled for tomorrow afternoon. He called me in between meetings and lunch to dump this task on me. All the while he was talking to me, he was constantly distracted. He said he’d call back before he hung up, which he didn’t do so far (3h later).

Let’s see.

  • It’s a Windows system. Do I look like I do windows systems?
  • The patch process has not been documented at all. What do I patch? How do I do this? Where do I get the patches from?
  • What do I do if something goes wrong? I can do some trial & error, but that’s not really good for production servers.
  • How do I access the server?

Well, we’ll see, I’ll probably be able to find the information. But next time he better at least send a short email with the essentials descibed in it.