Customer ordered a webserver last Wednesday. Co-workers set it up in record time. Since then, they have been working on an application and sent us requests (firewall, reconfiguration, etc) every day or so.

The application will save our customer about 100,000 Euro a month in lowered prices. Their provider has agreed to lower these prices retroactively for July – but only if the application is running by tonight.

My co-worker Sven, who knew about this, fled the office about two hours ago. So now I am here, all alone, even Hans has left the building.

I’ll leave my mobile number with the customer in a little bit. But I really don’t like to be pushed into such service, especially on short notice. And for next week they’ve already “threatened” with a new special campaign. Which again means on-call-duty.

Oh, well. If in doubt, always for the customer…