Well, yesterday we moved Hans to his new apartement. The entire thing began early in the morning, and we were lucky that the sun only came out sometime after noon. Three of us plus the son of his ex-girlfriend took about 4 hours to move all his junk out of his ex-girlfriend’s house and into the lorry he had rented. Then, drove to the new city, and began to unpack.

Hans broke a garage trying to park the lorry, and then we were moving his stuff into the new apartment. A tough work; I am really out of shape (I’m a geek; what did you expect?) and at about 3:00pm my hands started to refuse gripping items. We had some interesting moments when we moved his 19″ rack into his basement. By the time we were done we were all completely wasted. Hans looked worst; his face completely red, and sweat literally dripping off him to the ground.

Hans’ new place is now full of really old, horrible furniture. I have no idea how he wants to set everything up; when we left he had about 3 square meters left to walk on.

I’m still pretty pissed about how this entire thing worked out. Hans not only got the OK from our boss that nobody would have to be in the office; he himself got 2 extra days of vacations for moving. How selfless.

I’m completely tired today. Body aching all over, and I can barely hold things anymore. I just hope I got heaps of good Karma for this one.