What a nice way to begin the morning. I had a conversation with my sort-of-girlfriend of the moment, Wilma. If anybody still wondered why I don’t trust this to work out, read this.

Wilma: hate u

Secretgeek: Why?

Secretgeek: What did I do?

Wilma: dunno

Secretgeek: Then why do you hate me?

Wilma: just hate..dunno why

Secretgeek: :'(

Secretgeek: mean wilma

Wilma: cry louder, go to corner and cry til i can hear you from here

Wilma: :D

Secretgeek: :S

Wilma: haha

Wilma: u funny

Secretgeek: cruel wilma

Wilma: now u just know?

Wilma: u should interogate me first before falling for me, ehh?

Secretgeek: :S

Wilma: :P

Wilma: ugly u

Wilma: c’mon, i know u want to smile :P

Secretgeek: What’s your problem today?

Wilma: no problem today

Upon which I didn’t reply anymore. Then, just a little later:

Wilma: can u help me?

Yeah, right. Why should I, after this?