I have a Korean “friend”, let’s call her Min, whom I have been talking to for a half-year or so. She’s always busy with her journalism job, and I already had the suspicion that she never takes any time off. There were large stretches of time where all I would get were “I am really busy, I am sorry” replies.

Well, recently she has warmed up considerably. She not only replied better, she also started to send me messages on her own initiative. She’s a nice lady, really, no doubt about that.

Anyway, today she actually suggested that she could call me. And she did. Cool. She speaks really good English and is very pleasant. And she asked me if I would ever visit Korea – she does want to come back to Europe sometime, and I of course offered my services as a tourist guide.

So, there we have it, a new friend. If she lived any closer, I’d have asked her out for some drinks. But, that’s the disadvantage of knowing people all over the world, you can’t really do that.

Too bad.

When will we finally get transfer booths?!