A while ago, I posted my resumee on Monster.com. From time to time, I get offers. Most are so completely not matched to my background that I don’t even bother to reply to these people. The rest of the offers is simply not interesting, so I send a “no thank you” note and that’s that.

Today I got a request for my full CV (as a Word .doc file, no less). The requestor seems to be a headhunter / recrutier working for a third party. From the way he mixed English and German at one part it’s obvious that he’s copying-and-pasting. And the part he pasted includes the word “uinx”.

Of course they mean UNIX. And everybody makes typos. But if I were to apply to this company, and couldn’t even spell the thing I am looking for, would they hire me? Most likely my application would land in the garbage bin.

Maybe I am too cynical, but I really don’t feel like replying to this guy. Of course the job is also not really too interesting, from the little detail they provided. At least it kinda fits my background.

I guess I shouldn’t be so hard on people. :-)