Yesterday I attended a 90 minutes training, which was supposed to teach us all the changes in the change management. So far, so good. The trainer had a really fast speech. I was able to follow, but had I wanted to take notes, I’d have had problems.

First crazy thing:

They will add a popup for selecting times. Complete with a graphical clock to select the hour and minute. A majority of people in this company seem to be unable to type six digits and two colons into a text field. 11:22:00. See, I can do it.

Second crazy thing:

About 15 minutes before the end of the training, that department’s boss showed up. And began repeating various points that had already been covered. Finally, they showed a website with a simple calendar-like overview of changes. Well, that’s nice, but did they really have to end up spending at least 10 minutes clicking on all kinds of options? Kindergarten.

In the end, I think they could have sent a 10-line email with the same information content.

Another 100 minutes of my life that I will never get back…