Last week, I had this idea to google for a woman I used to talk to a lot back in the last century (heh). Let’s call her Dara. She was a really nice young woman in Texas (originally from California), and I even called her several times. Kinda had a crush on her, to be honest. If I ever considered moving to the US, she would have been a good the reason. We lost contact, and in between I think I found an on-line diary where she describes her relations with a “beautiful” hispanic woman (I am not sure she turned into a lesbian; she still has the same name so she isn’t married, which seems to hint at this. But who cares, she was a really good friend. Live and let live I say).

I now found her on Yahoo’s social networking site. Sent her a message too. And now, like a school boy, I am awaiting a reply. Not because I’d want to start anything with her (see above for reason, also, she really lives too far away), but because it has easily been 6 years since I talked to her. And I do miss her at times.

Please cross your fingers that she will actually reply.