We have three new co-workers now. One seems to have been hired for Windows server tasks, the other two for one – very lengthy – project. My co-workers H. and P. only knew two of those.

“And this morning, we got also a co-worker G.”, I tell them. “And boss sent him on that 3-day-training as well, so they be absent all three.”

“Another one? Well, next time I’d really like to know about that,” P. complains, a little jokingly.

“Yeah, the information politics in this case were sub optimal,” I reply.

“I agree,” P. says.

“P., remember the golden days when we were not only informed but were actually asked to check the guys out before they were hired?”

“But that didn’t work too well,” P. interrupts. “Look who we hired.” He points at H.

“Ah, right,” I continue his thought. “We agreed to hire H. And now he sits here and tries to generate Windows certificate requests and doesn’t even know how to configure PuTTY.”

“Total failure on our part,” P. agrees. We laugh, as does H.

“You two are real assholes,” H. says.

Yes, we can deal nice blows to each other. And this kind of banter is in pretty good spirits – and everybody can deal blows but also has to take them at times. Still, as I was just pissed about H., this was really good for me.