Customer sends confirmation for an offer our sales made. “I have received the OK from my boss for the dedicated web server. Please let me know when we can start using it.”

The email is sent to a couple of people; the technical sales guy, my co-worker P. and so on. This is the first time I hear about this, and P. is out of the office for a meeting in a different city. So I forward the email to P. and the sales guy, with the added question for the offer, configuration, and so on.

Sales guy replies back. “Please coordinate with P. or customer.”

Of course I will ask the customer for the configuration we offered. Smart move there, sales dud.

While I am fuming and typing an appropriate email back (“P. not in office. Please answer my question.) the sales guy calls. He says he doesn’t know any of the specifications; P. did all that.

Okay, that sounds somewhat different. Why don’t you say this in the first place?

And of course I will ask P. if this guy should have known the information. I’d not be surprised either way. Sales guy has in the past proved that he is completely ignorant on the technologies he’s selling. So either he should have known and was simply not able to comprehend any of it, or P. simply didn’t tell him knowing sales guy would never understand anyway.

The big irony of course is that sales guy is in a team which is supposed to support the actual main sales force with technical know how, sort of the link between pure sales people and us technical experts.

But seriously, who would expect anything else?