I don’t like to get involved with married women. it only causes trouble. No matter how “dead” the marriage is, the husbands – or soon-to-be-ex-husbands – will invariably become jelous, violent, or both. Any way you turn it, it’s a problematic thing. One girl I dated a few years ago disappeared for half a year while she was pulling off her divorce. Without telling me – and of course I figured she had disappeared for good due to lost interest.

Another woman, even earlier in my dating history I was going out with this American chick whose husband and her had quite nasty arguments over everything. They worked it out eventually – but when I first came into the picture the battle was still raging. Especially bad if the husband still has keys to their house and you run into him in the garage.

And I caught one girl, back in my hometown, with another guy. Her excuse for hiding that was that he was her sister’s boyfrie4nd. He told me she was his wife, and pregnant with their child. No idea which story is worse. She was a slim, beautiful African chick and he a broad-shouldered Africvan dude. Easily a head smaller than me, but easily 30cm wider at the shoulders, and none of it fat. I was quite happy to get outta there alive and unharmed.

I guess these stories are why I prefer relationships (however lose or fixed) over a real marriage – or at least if there has to be a marriage, maybe for the financial benefits – one that is well defined in a contract and can be terminated without much argument. I also wish more people would do that. Then I wouldn’t find out 2 months after dating a girl that she’s actually married. She could simply get rid of her husband before looking for a new guy.

Oh, well.