When I started talking about relationships and similar things, I left out ome minor contacts I have.

  • My russian friend, who is constantly sad about the state of her life and who I am pretty sure still wants me (although she insists that she only likes Russians)
  • A lady from Kenya, single mom with a son, whose mother married a German guy and moved over here. Was hitting on me quite a bit, presumably to follow in her mom’s footsteps
  • My ex-girlfriend from Brussels, who, when I recently emailed her on a genuinely harmless subject, basically told me off: Her “emotional life” is great, she said, and that she has a boyfriend and doesn’t need me. Way to send the exact opposite message, madame.
  • Finally, in addition to the Asian lady and the African lady, a third one was recently interested in me. She’s a stocky Turkish woman who lives in the same city as I. Proximity is a nice thing, but she just doesn’t interest me at all.

Sure, none of this is really a relationship, but it’s all stuff to complicate my life. Except maybe my Russian friend; she’s easygoing.