As I said, I work in a corporation of some 90,000 employees. The subsidary which handles the IT – which is where I work – has maybe 2000-3000 employees. This can be a boon – there are some things here you just don’t get to work with in a smaller setup. However, most of the time, it just drives me crazy.

Today, a co worker came to me to ask me to do ripe assignments. RIPE is the organization in Europe who administrates IP adress ranges. We already have an allocation, so in theory we could just use ranges and put the assignments into the DB later. Of course we’d have to do it in a way that we are sure the assignments would be approved. Okay, so far, so good.

However, I still had to create a route object, so that they can start actually announcing the allocation. Without announcing the ip range via bgp, no other routers would know where to find it and would be unable to send data our way.

My co-worker H. called my co-worker U. on his ski vacation – 30 min before he was out of the hotel to, well, ski. U. knew all the RIPE procedures, myself I had done this 5 years ago and wasn’t up to date. So U. talked me through it. I just had to get the prefix and the AS number from another coworker and that was it. How long did this take me? About 5 minutes. My co worker H. spent more time coordinating the call and and handing the task to me.

Okay, that’s still not so bad. But my co-worker P., who gave me the prefix and the AS, told me this route was supposed to be added about a month ago.

Why the hell didn’t anybody take the 5 minutes? Why didn’t anybody talk about this before? Why did they have to give me this task instead of doing it themselves?

My personal opinion is of course that it’s too difficult for H. (who probably doesn’t even know what bgp is or stands for). But that would be a mean thing to say. I’ll just assume he needs more time for his paperwork and windows administration.