A few weeks ago, a customer notices a problem with a server (out of a large setup of maybe 50-60 machines). he calles his helpdesk, who open up a ticket. So far, so good.

The ticket doesn’t go to our operating team; instead it goes to a totally different team which has nothing to do whatsoever with the problem or server at hand. Some time later, our operating team notices the problem on their own. They restart the faulty service, which fixes the problem.

The other team finally sends a message back in the official ticket:

We have rebooted the machine, the problem has been solved.

That other team has no access to the server, of course. We have no idea what they rebooted – our machine has an uptime of 63 days.

Customer receives that answer and is happy that his problem has been taken care of.

The big, unasnwered question of course is – which server did that other team reboot?