Hello, everybody. Welcome to yet another meaningless weblog(tm). You either stumbled across this thing by accident – in which case you may as well lean back and enjoy the soap opera, so to speak – or I tossed the link to this site to you somehow.

Especially in the later case, you might wonder why I am starting yet another weblog – and why I am not hosting it myself?

The simple answer is that there are some things I’d like to blog about but can’t on my main blog – because they relate to my job (don’t worry, I won’t violate any NDA’s here either) or, more likely, to people who actually read my main weblog.

So the purpose of this blog is to relate all those annoying, bizarre, or strange stuff. I have found that writing a diary helps. And maybe some of you guys can even help out with similar experiences or tipps how to deal with the events that I’ll be posting about.

Thanks for dropping by, I hope to see you all around.