Neighbour lady: “Oh secretgeek, nice to run into you! How are you?”

Secretgeek: “Oh, good evening! Doing so-so. Could use a vacation.”

Neighbour lady: “I am great. – Oh this is my girlfriend by the way.”

Secretgeek: “Nice to meet you.”

Neighbour lady: “So is it so bad? Didn’t you just have some time off?”

SG: “Yeah and already feel like I could use more time off, tells you something I guess. So, how are you doing?”

NL: “Just great, work’s alright and I have a few days off soon. Will take a short trip.”

SG: “Nice, I am envious.”

NL: “Oh, just join me. Or take some days off on your own, I am sure you have enough days since the year just started?”

SG: “Not as easy as that, I am afraid, we’re a bit understaffed.”


Do you see what went wrong here? Comment below with your suggestions…

Bahati inquired what I would be doing over Christmas.

“Probably nothing,” I replied. “Why?”

“Oh I just got engaged, and I thought maybe you and I should take a romantic vacation before I get married next year.”

She proposed a fairly nice destination but in the end we didn’t do it. One, because it was too expensive on short notice. And quite honestly, two, because I felt it was too scummy.

But something is definitely not right; she also insisted on spending the night of her birthday talking to me on Skype. I wonder.

Yes, I am still here.

I think I am immutable. Like a rock in the surf. And like that rock, I am slowly being eroded by my environment…

It’s me! Secretgeek! Older and just as cynical as ever. Oh and single again, because the girl I was dating turned out to be very immature. We broke up in early September, and I won’t go into details (lest this be identifiable) but it was really not my fault this time.

So, hmmm.

What next? No idea.

Ohyeah. Merry Xmas, people.

Something a bit more geeky for a change:

Coworkers Bastian and Donald were trying to get a server to work. They configured its network interface based on information they gleaned off of another server from the same customer, and yet it doesn’t work.

Bastian: “It has to work, server A has a .17, and I used .163 for server B. It’s in the same network, it should just work!”

Donald: “Netmask and gateway are OK?”

Bastian: “Yes, it’s a /29.”

They worked on this for a little while. I finally couldn’t take it anymore.

Secretgeek: “You do realize that those are not in the same subnet?”

Donald: “Please stay out of this, Secretgeek. You aren’t a networking guy, this is too complicated for you.”

Secretgeek: “Seriously, it’s -“

Donald: “- the third octet is 212, it’s the same network!”

Secretgeek: “Right…”

Bastian: “We should check the cables.”

Donald: “Yeah, Let’s. That’s gotta be it.”

They left the office, leaving yours truly behind to shake his head in sadness at the stupidity of the world.

Met Linh again. Got home at 5am – on a weekday. A workday. I will have a hard time staying awake but it was totally worth it. Linh and I settled a misunderstanding that resulted from her poor understanding of German.

“I am so glad,” she said. “I like you so much but I was really not sure what to do about you. I was very close to calling this off.”

“But now you changed your mind?”

“You bet,” she said and kissed me again. “Now I am yours. Let’s make this work.”


…self-doubts and fears are rearing their ugly heads. I really need professional help.

Things with Linh are great so far. I am, burned child that I am, still worried that she will just decide that I am not worthy, but objectively there is no indication for that – and I guess at a certain level it’s simply a risk one needs to live with. She’s started calling me “honey”, and keeps telling me that she “misses” me when we are not together. We probably kissed more on four dates than Amaka and I did during our last three months together.


As we were talking yesterday, I came to the conclusion that I knew enough about her that I didn’t have any major questions for her:

Linh: “So have you anything else you wish to ask me?”

Secretgeek (after a short pause): “Not right now. I think everything else is just stuff to discover over time. Unless there are any big things I should know about. Like, if you had a child that you had not mentioned so far, I think I’d like to know that. Not that it would change anything.”

Linh (big grin): “You are right, I have several children.”

Secretgeek: “…no, I don’t think you are a person who would deny the existence of her own children.”

Linh (tries not to laugh): “You are right, they are really still babies, all of them.”

Secretgeek: “…again, I think you are just messing with me. Is this some sort of test?”

Linh: “Yeah, you are right, I have no kids. But I wanted to see what you would say.”


Linh: “There is ONE thing you need to know about me… but I won’t tell you yet.”

Secretgeek: “Oh? Why not?”

Linh: “A girl’s got to have some secrets, right?”

Secretgeek: “Sure, that’s fair enough. – I hope it’s nothing bad?”

Linh: “No, it’s nothing bad. It will make you want me a lot more than you already do,  though.”

I did not press the issue – she will tell me when she wants to tell me – and I realize it will surely be something fairly mundane but I gotta say, I am really curious. Which, I am equally sure, is what she intended.


“The Girl” and I are meeting for the fourth time today. She’s started to call me “honey” and to indicate in several other ways that she does like me. I don’t want to call her “girlfriend” yet (“she is a girl, she is my friend, she is not my -quotation fingers- girlfriend”), but I think it’s time to give her an Alias: Linh.


The girl-who-has-no-alias and I are meeting for our third date tonight. Everything seems to be good, but I can’t help but feel a little nervous, as the accursed third date was what killed my last attempt at dating. When I say “a little nervous”, I mean only that, though – I have absolutely no reason to think that things might break down, and if they do, there’s no real reason it should happen today.

And yet, if you get burned… it stays with you.

It’s good to have hope and  to have someone you like, though. I knew this was something I needed and wanted, and I think I am right that I need to find “the right girl”. If this one isn’t then perhaps the next. Or the one after that. Mustn’t be alone, unless I learn to enjoy being depressed. There are too many things going wrong in life already, don’t really need to face it all alone. Right?


I woke up early. So early that I was tired and almost dazed. It was in this state that I went to my PC, checked the time, and found that it was 4:40am. Acting purely on routine I checked my email on my Macbook and then picked up my iPhone, not quite aware that the same accounts were configured on both. It was well that I did this, however, as I had a text message waiting.

It was from the girl I went on a date with on Friday, and, judging by the timestamp, it must have been what had awoken me minutes before.

“Would you like to meet me on Wednesday?” it read.

Why, yes, I would. I replied something to that effect and went back to sleep.

Best of all: both messages were still there when I woke up again two hours later.


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